Tuesday, 9 December 2014

4 most commonly sold House Floor Plans by HomePlansIndia.com in December 2014

We at homeplansindia.com are quite stunned to see the number of viewers who have been showing interest in these house floor plans which start from a minimal plot size of 40 x 30 ft and more. With repeated sale of these house plans from our vast collection of 100 plans have coaxed us to highlight them for our new site visitors / customers. We hope the way these house plans have helped others to develop or build there house, that you should also find them worth for your plot size.

Note: Kindly remember that all house floor plans are delivered to our customers by email in PDF format. All drawings have room name and dimension mentioned clearly in Ft. Inch format. If you need the drawing in Metric system then the same can also be provided. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Why HomePlansIndia.com sells more house plans in a month than any other home plan selling site

At homeplansindia we listen to our customers and come up with designs which are not just floor plans which work for a particular plot size rather we design for the most common plot sizes available in India. So here is why we are class apart from our contemporaries

1. Just send us your house planning requirement and we will respond back within 12 hrs. We are faster than you can think off.

2. Share your idea of total area of the house that you want for your particular plot and we will share at least 3 ready made house floor plans from our site. It is all because we have thought over and over about different plot sized house plan so we can share our ideas faster. If you still don't like it then you can mail your requirement to homeplansind@gmail.com

3. Our fee proposals are very very reasonable as compared to the amount of work we do to develop a good house design for you. If you have your house plan details ready then do send it to homeplansind@gmail.com

4. Our architectural design is much more superior and aesthetically appealing and easy for your contractor to follow. So what would you select good drawings to ease your construction process or break your mind on understanding the drawings to build the house. Take a good look at our sample drawings and judge for yourself.

5. We develop designs with our skilled team of architects and interior designers in a very short period of time which saves lot of your precious time and money. So take a wise call and contact us now.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

5 Most popular Small House Floor Plans from HomePlansIndia.com in December 2014

Our collection of house floor plans and designs keep increasing from time to time, but we have to highlight few of our house plans which have consistently been favorites with our viewers and customers for past 3 years. The area of these house plans start from 750 Sq.ft. to around 1250 sq.ft. We hope this assortment of our house plans will help you to design your house plan.

Best Small House Plan 1

Family Home Plan FHP 2012

Basic Specifications about FHP 2012

  • Total Built-Up Area - 1819 Sq.ft.
  • Floors - 2 No.
  • Bedrooms - 2 No.
  • Toilets - 2 No.
  • Garage - 1 No.
  • Overall Size of Building - ft
  • Min Plot Size - ft
  • Price - $240 ( Rs.12,000 )
  • Cost of Building the House - Rs. 32.74 Lac

Best Small House Plan 2

Small House Plan SHP 1013

Basic Specifications about SHP 1013

  • Total Built-Up Area - 380 Sq.ft.
  • Floors - 1 No.
  • Bedrooms - 1 No.
  • Toilets - 1 No.
  • Garage - 0 No.
  • Overall Size of Building - 23.75 ft x 17.15 ft
  • Min Plot Size -  33 ft x 23 ft
  • Price - Rs.2,750 | $ 55
  • Cost of Building the House - Rs. 5.70 Lac

Best Small House Plan 3

Small House Plan SHP 1017

Basic Specifications about SHP 1017

  • Total Built-Up Area - 595 Sq.ft.
  • Floors - 1 No.
  • Bedrooms - 2 No.
  • Toilets - 2 No.
  • Garage - 0 No.
  • Overall Size of Building - 30 ft x 20.50 ft
  • Min Plot Size - 40 ft x 26 ft
  • Price - Rs.5,250 | $ 105
  • Cost of Building the House - Rs. 8.90 Lac

Best Small House Plan 4

House Floor Plan HFP 4003

Basic Specifications about HFP 4003

  • Total Built-Up Area - Sq.ft.
  • Floors - 2 No.
  • Bedrooms - 3 No.
  • Toilets - 2 No.
  • Garage - 0 No.
  • Overall Size of Building - 31.50 ft x 23.00 ft
  • Min Plot Size -  40 x 30 ft
  • Price - Rs. 1,250 | $ 25
  • Cost of Building the House - Rs. 25.00 Lac

Best Small House Plan 5

Apartment Building Design  AB 3005

Basic Specifications about AB 3005

  • Total Built-Up Area - 636 Sq.ft.
  • Floors - 4 No.
  • Bedrooms - 2 No.
  • Toilets - 1 No.
  • Garage - 4 No.
  • Overall Size of Building - 23.50 ft x 30.75 ft
  • Min Plot Size - 48 ft x 48 ft
  • Price - $255 ( Rs.12,750 )
  • Cost of Building the House - 

We would love to hear from your end to know what you liked and what you didn't so do drop in a line or two to share what you feel. We will anxiously wait for your response and we believe in learning to understand our customers requirement so as to develop plans and designs which can be helpful to them.


Friday, 14 November 2014

15 Best Small House Plans - ebook - @Rs.3500/- only


This e-book consists of 15 best small house plans which are part of homeplansindia.com's collection. This catalogue will help you to design and also make a perfect selection of the house plan for your requirement. These house plans fit on most common plot sizes, like 20 x 40, 30 x 40, 30 x 60 ft, etc.

All Floor plans include dimensions for all rooms. So what are you waiting for, download the e-book now by making an online payment here or email us.

Note: Once we receive your payment the book will be emailed to you within 24 hrs. Do Not forget to fill the form below with your order number mentioned in your bill invoice which you must have received once you have made the payment. If you do not provide for your Order No. then we will not be able to email you the E-Book.

Monday, 10 November 2014


You have the land, what next? House planning and design job can be challenging to decide on. This can be as a result of having varied opinions of how the house should be built, the number of rooms and even spaces that are the requirement for the family. The size of your plot is also a great determinant in the type of house plan to search for and use. In most states in India, extended families live together or are frequented by the other members of the larger family. So, owning a home is an achievement to most, if not all, families.  So why do you need a house plan which is well planned and designed

1. Effective Use of Plot Space
Owning a home or a house is a dream come true to most people. Your dream has to be something that you have longed for and what better way than to have a plan for your house? The plan includes the number of rooms you want to have, the spacing of each room. Having a plan enables you to maximize on the space you have however small. This ensures that all the space has been put to meaningful use. You get to customize the plan to suit your family needs and growth potential.

2. Helps in cost calculation before construction
When we think homes, we automatically assume that it will cost a lot of money. Most people will leave their land idle due to lack of finance to erect a structure. So having a plan for your home or house enables you to approximate the amount you will need to construct the house. Once you have established the amount you need, you can set your realistic targets for the completion of the house. This involves looking for sources to get income be it work, savings or any other source of income. You will work objectively since you know well how much you need. Look at it as financial liberation.

3. Efficiency
Since you get to plan the kind of interior you want, you locate your rooms in a manner that their access is efficient. In Small house plans, for example, you can try to fit in a complete house with all the required amenities within the limited piece of land. It allows you to incorporate all the rooms you require in your house. This also helps in the laying out the foundation drawing which is done objectively. Some people build foundations only to demolish it afterwards claiming it does not fit the kind of house they want and that is such a waste.

4. Less stress during construction
Once you have a plan and your contractor has it, you do not have to stay at the site all the time to give directions on where the kitchen or toilets should be. The plan takes care of that. All you need is to provide your contractor with the family home plan and just make technical appearances to ensure work is per schedule. You get to continue with your other businesses as your house plan idea is already on paper which can be deciphered by your selected contractor to follow. This way you also ensure that both you and your contractor are on the same page and can look forward to your dream home design being built in front of your eyes.

5. Ready House Plans meets your requirement for dream house

It could be a small house for a nuclear family or a big home for your extended family or even a bungalow design for a classy accommodation, but whichever type of house you wish to build for your family, you can search the house plan at www.HomePlansIndia.com. Maybe it is a ready to use house plan design or you have got a custom home plan design done by a professional design consultant, this plan will accommodate all your requirements beforehand so that there are going to be less of a worry for the kinds of spaces or rooms you will require. Try getting a couple of house plans instead of blindly imitating one directly downloaded from online search. Give yourself and your family that dream house you all have been longing for with proper search, thought and professional help like HomePlansIndia.com

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Architectural 2D & 3D Modelling Rendering by HomePlansIndia.com

At HomePlansIndia.com we have been developing house plans and designs for almost 4 years now. Over the years we have developed home floor plans and designs for quite a number of plot owners from all over India as well as abroad. We received overwhelming responses and feedback from our precious clients and visitors for developing better images for floor plans so as to make it much more easier and convenient for anybody to read and understand a house plan.

So with changing times we are embracing technology and transforming one dimensional house floor plans to 2D rendered images and 3D models. For modelling we develop the floor plans with sketchup and then render it to more of a photrealistc or an artistic image. Being architects our core intention revolves around the final result image which should not be very harsh with mix of colors and texture of different elements which are part of the layout, rather they should be rendered harmoniously to achieve a much better appealing image.

We are also developing few of these 3D models to further enhance there look and feel by creating hybrid rendered images with use of watercolors and pencil colors. All kinds of work are done in-house to achieve the best results for our clients. Our key features are:

* Huge team of trained staff to deliver results quicker.

* Our Architectural understanding and aesthetic knowledge imparts great speed in grasping fresh projects.

* The team works harder to try different and newer formats of presentation so now two projects have the same representational idea.

* Our team experiments with modern techniques and styles of presentation as possible with newer rendering platforms/software.

* Quicker delivery of work so as to respect our commitments to our clients.

* Great understanding of Supply chain management technique for large scale 2D & 3D rendering projects.

* Our charges are very competitive and also the best in the market.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any query and we will be glad to assist you with the same. You can mail us at homeplansind@gmail.com

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Search Best Small House Plans from HomePlansIndia.com

Searching Home plans from online sites available in India has been a difficult task. Either its not of a particular size or the area of the house is too big.

So, we did listen to our customers & there specific requirement for having a better search option for finding the right kind of house plan which will work the best for there particular plot. So do have a look at our brand new page SEARCH House Plan.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

5 Basic Design Flaws to watch out in a House - Home Plans India

House Plan Flaw 1. The most common design flaw that we can observe on any house is that of proper cross ventilation or of sufficient natural lighting inside the house.

Due to smaller plot sizes in India we do face this issue but by creating skylights and ventilators above window may help dramatically in dealing with them.

House Plan Flaw 2. Most commonly the primary focus is towards the living room as it is a very important feature of the house. Any guest or close family is usually met  here so the size of this room is usually big and with smaller plots the bedrooms become extremely smaller in size and shape so as that only a bed and a wardrobe can barely fit in.

This can also be easily dealt with by reducing the passage area and consuming the same for the bedrooms. Also we can reduce the size of the living room comparatively to make some more breathable space in the bedroom.

House Plan Flaw 3. The layout of the kitchen is very important as it needs to be fit in the fridge, cooking range, microwave and the dish washing sink. Along with them there needs to be sufficient space for the women of the house to work which is necessarily not the case. So our advise would be to redo the whole kitchen to make appropriate working space for a kitchen otherwise it leads to lot of frustration for the use on everyday basis.

House Plan Flaw 4.  Usually the layout of the house may be as per your needs but do not overlook the quality of construction of the house. Do keep in mind that every house needs lot of maintenance and repair work throughout its life span but a better quality construction may reduce that burden to a great extent for its lifetime.

House Plan Flaw 5. Water management or building services are also one of the key design elements which are usually overlooked and leads to poor quality of workmanship which directly effects the overall design, look, feel and maintenance of the house.

So do check all the plumbing connections if they are in proper shape, size & in correct location for proper functioning of the house services. If any water supply pipe is leaking / waste water pipe is leaking then that can create water seepage of the walls which can directly effect the wall plaster and paint. Eventually it leads to patchy wall with dampness which are good for growth of bacteria and fungi.

So our advice will be to consider assistance of professionals if you want to be sure of all the features of a house.

Contact us at homeplansind@gmail.com

Thursday, 13 March 2014

10 Reasonable Questions to ask a Prospective Contractor for building your house

1. Before finalizing and acquiring a contractor for building your house you need to create a list of eligible contractors that you are aware off through close friends and colleagues. Make sure the list includes minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 contractors

2. For each shortlisted contractor, do identify the following basic attributes
            a. Years of his and his teams experience
            b. educational qualification
            c. number of similar houses he has built in the past
            d. how many people work in his team
            e. how many references he can provide for who will vouch for his work

3. Do visit one or two house sites / projects completed by each shortlisted contractor. This may mean some good amount of time but it is worth the time and money you will be investing in your house.

4. Do evaluate each contractor’s rates along with professional architect or a civil engineer to make sure the rates abide by the current market trends.

5. Prepare a matrix or a comparative chart of all your queries regarding the background, skill set and reputability of the contractor. Value each on a scale of 0 to 5 where 0 means least impressive and 5 denotes the highest value.

6. Do ask each contractor to submit their work profile along with few pictures of the past work. Collect them in form of hard copies so that it’s convenient for you to compare it with other contractors.

7. It is always a good practice to ask the contractor for all the required licenses & insurances required for practicing as a contractor in India.

8. Choose a contractor who is helpful and has an attitude of systematic work. He should have a proven record of his work with past 3 projects or more.

9. Do not select or finalize on the contractor as per the lowest fee quoted. Use all the above mentioned pointers for making a more evolved and thoughtful decision for building your dream home.

10. Finally don’t take a decision in haste or under any pressure. Evaluate and decide upon the best contractor for your house building project. Be actively involved in every stage of construction and research enough to work along with the contractor.

In case of any crucial doubt about the construction technique / procedure then do consider taking help from a professional architect or civil engineer.

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